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Comments from our Patients and Parents about their orthodontic experience.

"Dear Dr. Winn & Staff, It's hard to find words to express how greatfull I am to have the priveledge of getting braces. I am happy and I feel more confident with my new smile. Thank you for everything you have done for me and I will always remember your kindness and generosity. Most Sincerely, Stephanie" (Patient - Braces removed April 2012)

"Dr. Winn; Thank you so much for the wonderful job you've done with with Jacks teeth.  We are so amazed and pleased with this miraculous transformation - and no surgery needed!  Thank you for the extra effort.  We appreciate it.  Sincerely - Jack and Rachael"  (Patient - Braces removed June 2011)

"Dear Winning Smiles Orthodontics Foundation,  I am glad to hear that there are programs like these for children who, like me may not have the most rescources to get braces.  Thank you for having a program like this one.  First of all, I want and think I need braces.  I want braces because its exciting to know that even if I have crooked teeth they can change with braces and become straight, and pretty.  Sometimes, I am a little embarrassed to smile when we are taking pictures because the picture will show how my teeth look.  Also I think I need them because sometimes my teeth hurt and parts of my mouth are hard to clean.  Also, I feel like my life will be improved in many ways after getting the braces and treatment.  One of the ways my life will be improved is that I will feel more comfortable and I feel it will help me with my self confidence.  Feeling self conscious or being embarrassed when pictures are being taken might also not happen.  Once again thank you - Casey" (Sent with her foundation application and is starting treatment soon)

“To whom it may concern:  Thank you, again for this wonderful opportunity which will allow our son to get braces…he is so eager to get started!  Please accept this payment as a start toward the needed $500 down payment.  The rest of the money will be coming as we can afford it.  Thank you, Christie” (Currently in Active Treatment) 

“I am writing this letter in hopes of helping my little sister Sarah to not only get braces, but in turn help her feel better about herself and just have a better quality of life.  I grew up with crooked, unevenly spaced, almost jagged looking teeth.  In elementary and middle school, constant teasing and being made fun of became a daily routine.  I remember even at the age she is now not wanting to smile, laugh, or just enjoy the time I was having because I was too afraid my smile would get me laughed at once again.  I see my little sister going through the same thing I went through at her age before braces and it hurts.  After several years of low self esteem issues, bullying and name calling, my mother was finally able to scrape up enough money to make payments to get me braces.  It was tough.  I remember the financial struggle my mother faced paying all of the bills trying to make a better like for us kids as a single mother.  There were times I felt really guilty costing my mom that much money, but ultimately the reward of braces was well worth it.  To this day, any time I smile someone compliments me.  My teeth and smile are something I am extremely proud of now.  It sent my confidence through the roof!  But to be honest I was almost sad to get rid of the braces.  It was fun getting to pick out different colored rubber bands to put on every couple weeks.  The kids at school would always think it was cool when I would come in sporting new pink and black or blue and green braces.  Even at that moment, the braces were life changing.  Sarah is a great young woman.  She works hard at school, keeps her grades up, studies harder in areas she struggles with, and is always dedicated in what she does.  She puts her heart and soul into everything and every person she meets.  At twelve years old, this girl absolutely amazes me!  Whe she’s at home, she lights up a room with her sarcastic and witty humor.  Unfortunately though at school, I see her become more shy, more reserved because she doesn’t want anyone to say anything about her teeth.  She’s even come home crying a couple times because someone at school made fun of her teeth and that’s just not fair!  I know middle school is tough, but being made fun of for something you can’t change yourself in even worse.  Braces could fix the problem she has no control over.  I promise you, not only does this young girl deserve braces, but it would also have a huge positive impact on her life just like it did mine.  My mother still struggles as a single mom.  She had to recently take a pay cut and lost an eight hour shift as well.  She did this just to keep working.  Financial aid for these braces would be the only way my mother could afford to help Sarah get her teeth fixed.  Please consider helping my family.  My sister would benefit in so many ways.  Thank you, Nicole”

“Dr. Winn and the Winning Smiles Team,  Please consider helping my beautiful daughter Sarah to fix the biggest problem she is facing in her young life.  Her teeth.  Sarah had beautiful straight baby teeth.  She would pose for pictures all the time, always hamming it up.  If someone had a camera, she would sneak into the picture!  Usually it was with eyes closed and the biggest toothy grin.  As she got a bit older, her teeth started to fall out.  They did not fall out one at a time, they fell out in multiples.  She looked like a little jack-o-lantern, as 2, 3, or more fell out at a time.  The tooth fairy started having to pay less per tooth as more came out each time.  Usually only one tooth was coming in below the several that fell out.  So Sarah would have one tooth roaming around in a slot meant for 2 or 3.  This result is seen in her teeth now.  Sarah has confided in me that she has been teased at school about how her teeth look now.  It is realty bringing her self esteem and self confidence down.  She has resorted to being a jokester as a result in self preservation.  If someone teases her, she covers up the pain by making jokes.  However, the taunts leave a deep lasting impression.  She is becoming somewhat depressed over it.  She does not smile and laugh as much as she should for being only 12 years old.  She tends to duck her head, and not approach people as she used to.  I want better for her.  If you were to accept Sarah into your program, I am willing to do my part by getting her to every appointment every time.  I will faithfully write a check each month to cover the reduced cost.  I will help Sarah to keep on track by reminding her to brush and floss and by checking her work!  I feel she will take the responsibility very seriously, and will choose to eat foods that will not damage her braces.  As she is a bit of a fashionista, I know she will enjoy picking out new colors for the bands each visit as a fashion statement.  I guarantee she will pick green and white (State colors) at some point during treatment!  We are willing to do what you prescribe for her treatment if you would be willing to accept Sarah into your program.  Thank you for your time.  Warmly, Kim”  (Sarah is currently in Active treatment) 

"Dear Dr. Winn, Thank you so much for treating our son.  Thank you especially for offering us a huge discount on your services through the Foundation.  We would not be able to afford it otherwise – my husband is an architect who has not had full time, year-round work since the economy hit its worst – about 1.5 years Ago.  My efforts to move from part-time teaching back to full-time have not succeeded, and probably won’t in this climate of state cuts to education.  We did not know that an orthodontist like you existed – willing to help families in a pinch.  We are so grateful.  If you like home-canned foods, let me know.  It is a small thing that we would love to share with you as an expression of our thanks.  Sincerely, Mimi 

Dr. Winn, We just want you to know how thankful we are for such a superb and professional job you did on Jessies teeth.  Not only that you have a wonderful personality and we truly enjoy the time well spent with you.  Thank you also for including us in your special article with the press.  It's been a blessing knowing you!!  Gratefully, Jessie and Arlene (Patient - Braces removed in June, 2012)


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